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“Tea is just the beginning, be a part of something bigger.”

Rian Tea is committed in providing that perfect blend of pure aromatic Ceylon Tea, which is Fairly Traded from Tea cultivators in Sri Lanka, with their families and children being supported through the Rian Foundation.

Every box of Rian Tea you buy is filled with love. It is gently handpicked and skilfully packed by a team of experts. Most importantly it is a team with a passion for Tea, from the tea cultivators and tasters to the final product delivery team.

Rian Foundation was launched with the commitment of going far beyond just selling Tea. The Rian Tea Family values are deeply engrained in the business and ensures that everyone is looked after through sustainable and ethical sourcing.

The vast tea plantations in the country require a large workforce that has to actively work throughout the year, which has resulted in child labour or even the negligence of children’s education by Tea cultivators dedicating their time and effort in the tea estates.

Whilst Sri Lanka has one of the highest literacy rates from developing countries in Asia, the education level of children from Tea estates remain to be fairly stagnant. Other factors including health, living conditions and child labour are some key areas that need immediate attention.

Rian Tea is devoted to contributing a fair share of our efforts in reverting the education standards and wellbeing of these children. One of the main goals of the foundation is to support the local systems in establishing safe and secure educational infrastructure as we believe suitable learning spaces is a vital necessity for any child to gain access to education.

The ability to provide the perfect brew starts from the freshly sourced Tea from the Tea cultivators and Rian Tea has a commitment in working together with the farmers to help build their local businesses whilst looking after the development of their families and children.

Working closely with the Tea cultivators has allowed us to be able to put in best practices in Fair Trade.

Rian Foundation is thankful for your support in the education of the Tea cultivators’ children by drinking Rian Tea.

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